Wellness Coaching

Sessions focus on working with people as unique individuals and supporting them on their own personal journey to health and happiness.

We’ve all got goals, plans, hopes, and dreams, but how are you supposed to make them come true? That’s where I come in. Maybe you’d like to get in the best shape of your life. Or swap a soul-crushing job for a creative one. Or face an illness or life transition with your sanity intact, full of fresh ideas for a hopeful future. Perhaps you dream of transforming yourself from a disorganized, self-critical procrastinator into an efficient, adventurous superhuman?

Enlightened Leadership Coaching

My programs focus on cultivating 21st Century leadership skills.

“Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.”

I work with each client or small group to incorporate mindful meditation and yogic tools into everyday life to enhance each person’s ability to focus, be creative and embody compassion. My offerings recognize the need to more fully develop the mind’s capabilities so that every leader may experience joy, balance, and excellence, at work and at home. My program is tailored to your needs and each program in unique.

Infinite possibilities that are there for you. As you become aware of old thinking (those thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck in inaction or in bad relationships) you will find new and powerful ways to overcome those blocks and move forward in your life. I  combine yoga, meditation and coaching to deliver fast results! Your mind is always working, but not always with you. Work with me and learn how to make it work for you and see your heart’s desires unfold into a glorious new you. 

Private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is for EVERYONE!

Originally, the science of yoga and meditation was passed from one teacher directly to one student. Today, this approach to teaching yoga guides each person in developing a practice that is relevant to his or her own body and life experience.  A private session will allow you to deepen your practice and help you experience the benefits of yoga and meditation in a more personal way. Private classes are for new and experienced students and for those with an injury or condition. 


20 min call!

What does wellness and leadership coaching with me look like? We start out with a complimentary discovery call to take a snapshot of where you’re currently at. We will use this time to get to know each other and create a roadmap for success. Next, we’ll take a deep dive to get clear on where you want to be and we’ll establish the steps required to reach your destination. If we both feel that I can support you on your journey and we’d make a great team, then we will find the package that works for you and get started on your journey to transformation! I offer single sessions as well as multiple session packages.

Siri Bani Kaur’s teaching has given me a whole new outlook on life, one much more optimistic than any other yoga teacher I have ever worked with. It’s not just that she teaches yoga, she is a healer. The asanas in conjunction with the meditations and vibrations of the gong combine to give a transcendent experience to the yoga practitioner. This is not just ordinary yoga. Siri’s teaching has been enormously helpful to my painting and animation practice. The imaginative, playful quality of Kundalini along with Siri’s deep connection to the arts (she herself is an artist) make her an ideal teacher for anyone aspiring to be an artist. This is soul lifting, mind-altering stuff that offers the possibility of life change!
— Laura H.

Are you stuck in a rut and negative thinking?

Unable to set or meet goals?

Looking to create a new healthy lifestyle?

Looking to expand into your creativity?

Looking to increase productivity?


If you answered yes then sessions with Cindy, Siri Bani might be just the right thing for you!

Below are the pricing options for private one-on-one wellness and leadership coaching.

If you are looking for small group pricing please email me for pricing and program options for your group. 

My Offerings

1 Session: $125/1hr • $175/1.5hr

3 Sessions: $350 /1hr • $500 /1.5hr  - Save $25

5 Sessions: $575 /1hr • $825/1.5hr - Save $50

10 Sessions: $1,125 (Save $125)/1hr • $1,575/1.5hr - One FREE session!