JOIN ANYTIME, FROM ANYWHERE: A Virtual Space for Every Body. Nourishing the Body, Mind and Soul! 

Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Brattleboro’s online yoga, meditation and creative practice space. In the spirit of growing authentic CONNECTION and COMMUNITY we have given birth to this online practice space. There are times we can’t make it to a group yoga class, but we still crave that community connection. We give you a community studio experience without leaving home!

We're all connected. Our wellness depends on those around us. We need to charge our bodies and our minds: energy in equals energy out.

Our intentions must be clear, and our energy must be flowing and focused. Here at KYB connected we assist you in tuning into your life force, the powerful prana that resides in all of us.

We help you focus on your body: first look at nourishing with recipes for the soul and Kundalini yoga to build endurance and strength so you can have a “keep up” attitude. We attune your mind with mantras and meditation sessions offering amazing gong washes that will melt your busy mind.

We infuse it all with live music, live streaming and daily updates from our KYB online Facebook group. Be on the lookout for special surprise mantra artists and yogis, and as an added bonus we host a monthly video interview with a mover and shaker in the wellness arena.

This space is for EVERY BODY. No experience is necessary. ALL are WELCOME.  Each month there will be a special topic all centered around NOURISHING the body mind and soul. 


We often hear from students that they feel stuck. Stuck in intimate relationships, stuck in a job they don't love, stuck in rut, stuck in bad habits and bad moods. You get the idea.

One of the things we have noticed in our lives is the gift that Kundalini Yoga and its wellness lifestyle have done for us as individuals, parents, friends, etc. In short, we feel it has made us much better people and strengthened our relations to each other and all those around us!

We've worked to create an inviting, real, and unproduced space -a space where you get a glimpse into our home and our real lives and wellness practices. We have 3, 11, 31, 62, 90-minute meditations and yoga sets (short and sweet for when you are on the go and longer experiences for when you want a more in-depth practice!). And, that's just a part of what we offer :).

We believe that it's within your power to feel GREAT, VIBRANT and THRIVING. We are currently hosting KYB Connected in a closed Facebook Group. And, all you have to do to get started on your path to feeling AWESOME is tune-in live or watch anytime on demand.


  • 2 monthly 90-minute Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes – live streamed & recorded for unlimited viewing.

  • Live mantra music with Gurusangat Singh from the Guruganesha Band and Miracle Mantra Productions

  • First access to our new meditation albums and products co-curated by this community!

  • Special community building via the private Facebook group for sharing & support

  • Monday-Friday daily meditations, interviews, lectures, AND MORE

  • Gong baths

  • Monthly nourishing recipes

  • Live stream wellness tips and stories with known experts

  • Classes and meditations are taught by Siri Bani Kaur, Gurusangat Singh and special surprise guest(s) experts. You just never know who might visit this old VT farmhouse!

  • Healing and Empowering Art Experiences

We want to hear from YOU. What do YOU want to learn more about? This space was created to serve you and help you grow and shine! We encourage you to post questions and share your experiences with the practice.

Your membership fee helps us create new, well-researched, exciting, and authentic content designed and curated especially for this group. Our goal is to share yoga, meditation and wellness lifestyle information in the most uplifting and easily accessible way possible.

Become an online group member and help us make this 100% student funded group sustainable! Your membership fees will also contribute to us getting better video equipment, lighting and to be able to hire a videographer!

GREEN ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $19 monthly membership (autopay)* CANCEL: 15 days notice by emailing*Membership is free for my active private clients.*2 months free membership when you purchase a class pass.

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KYB is a welcome surprise in our little corner of Vermont! What an amazing outlet to offer yogis around the world, thoughtfully lead classes and creative content with Siri Bani with live music with Gurusangat Singh! If you are wondering what Kundalini yoga is all about, Siri Bani guides you into this new realm with kriyas and meditations to open your chakras and raise your vibration. Siri Bani is both nurturing and supportive and will assist you in your Kundalini yoga journey! Always a pleasure to join your class!”

”KYB Connected has been such a delightful discovery! I love the way you two “keep it real” by blending spirit and humor. Your mantra lessons make learning and adapting these meditations to daily life both practical and easy. Thank you so much!” LOUISE H.FLORA N.

”KYB Connected has been such a delightful discovery! I love the way you two “keep it real” by blending spirit and humor. Your mantra lessons make learning and adapting these meditations to daily life both practical and easy. Thank you so much!” LOUISE H.

”Thank you, thank you for the video on making the scrub, and on doing the hand massage. (I had already ordered the wild orange oil based on one of your earlier videos) You’re a wonder! And you literally and figuratively made my Holiday!

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